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Comprar serviço de revendedor ?

We rent resellers panel,powered by Faalsoft OScam Panel, manutation inclueded in the price.

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Comprar Alojamento

We perform oscam server with Faalsoft Panel Included. To get your dedicated server, order one and manage all lines with root access in all server(s).

Support!* 03
Obter Ajuda

We Offer 24/7 (*Without Holidays Included*) Premium Support via Fb-Messenger, support tickets and Email. With reply in less than twenty-four hours (One day).

Escolha o seu plano preferidoquer um plano especifico
Plano CCcam
Plano Regular para pessoas individuais
10.00€/mês 120.00€/Ano
  • Todos os Canais do fornecedor selecionado
  • 2 Linhas Fornecidas
  • 5 Boxes ligadas ao mesmo tempo (por linha)
  • Suporte por Ticket
  • Suporte via Messenger do Fb
  • Suporte via E-mail
  • Suporte via Discord !
  • Suporte via Chamadas
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Plano Revendedor
plano avançadopara profissionais
75.00€/Ano 75.00€/Ano
  • Limitado a 1.000 Clientes (1.000 Linhas CCcam, 2 Cccamd por cliente = 1 Cliente)
  • Adi/Edit/Monitorisar e todo controlo nas linhas
  • Adi/Edit Data de expiraçao (+1Mês/+3Mês/etc) na linha dos clientes.
  • Auto termina as linhas apôs a data de Exp.
  • Envia auto de e-mail de lembraça de pagamento 5 dias antes do termino.Um template pode ser criado/enviado pelo/ao revendedor!
  • Sistema completamente automatizado
  • Dominio personalizado autorizado !(*preços podem ser acrescentados*)!
  • Mudança de password por si, autorizado
  • 2Facto-Auth(Authy) incluido!*veja o Discord para o tutorial*
  • Suporte via Messenger do Fb
  • Suporte via E-mail/ticket
  • Suporte via Discord!
  • Suporte via Chamadas
Hosting Plan
entreprise plan for professional projects
340.00€ +95.00€/mês 340.00€ +95.00€/mês
  • >root "admin" acess(SSH,SFTP & Webmin)
  • 1 Gb/s Down Speed,Unlimited bandwidth
  • Webmin and LAMP Included
  • 8 Newcamd,2 Cccamd,2 CS378 Lines Included from ALD servers
  • Faalsoft Oscam (Not Branding removal included!)
  • Faalsoft Automatized(Auto Close Line/ Send E-mail Reminder/ Backup/...)
  • Unlimited Clients/Lines
  • Latest OScam Revision with emu and other patch included!
  • Phone/Fb-Messenger/Ticket/Discord*New* support
  • Webmin Panel ALD Style (Can be purchased!)
  • Faalsoft Oscam Purple Style (Can be purchased!)
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Alliance Digital with DreamTorrent partnership, have a total bullet proof server hosted in the most secure datacenter located in seychelles. On the same way, we provide a total security and anonimity for our clients,resellers & partners.

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Address:Dreamtorrent Corp @ Seychelles, Victoria Mahé, Victoria House 306

00213 123-45-67-89

E-mail: [email protected] | DMCA Complaint's [email protected]

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Shiping as a Service - Coming Soon [2019] dateTime.nov

The Shiping is a method used to sell goods and stuff without need stock, we sell directly from the main factory all stuff or from retailers,

We are expecting to sell STB,NETWORK and Sharing equipment. 

IPTV Announcement - Coming Soon [2019] dateTime.nov

With our wowza streaming engine , TeleStream and with faalsoft we are expecting to sell IPTV Wolrd Wide Streams from every country in 2019.  We also integrate the IPTV on Emby and Plex to provide a better service for everyone, the Plex and Emby can provide a better web interface for users and both are user friendly so this is why we use both to ... Ler Mais »