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We sold resellers panel,powered by Faalsoft Panel, manutation inclueded in the price.

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We perform oscam server with Faalsoft Panel Included. To get your dedicated server, order one and manage all lines with root access in all server(s).

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We Offer 24/7 (*Without Holidays Included*) Premium Support via Fb-Messenger, support tickets and Email. With reply in less than twenty-four hours (One day).

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Cccam Plan
Regular plan for Individual Person(s)
4.63$/month 55.59$/year
  • All Channels from the provider/pack selected
  • 2 Cccam Lines delivered
  • ECM High Speed & Availability
  • Ticket support
  • Fb-Messenger support
  • E-mail support
  • Discord support!
  • Phone support
  • * ECM (Entitlement Control Message)
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Reseller Plan
Advanced planFaalsoft Oscam Panel.
92.66$/year 92.66$/year
  • Limited to 30 Clients (2 cccam lines per client)
  • Add/Edit/Monitoring/All Control on Lines
  • Add/Edit Expiration Date (+1Month/+3Month/etc) on the client line.
  • Auto Close/Terminate Line, after the Ex.Date.
  • Auto Reminder E-mail for Payment 5 days before closement.One template can be sent to the Reseller!
  • Full automated system
  • Customized Domain Allowed (*!Costs can be added!*)
  • Self Password Change Allowed
  • 2Facto-Auth(Authy) included!*Discord for tutorial*
  • Fb-Messenger support
  • E-mail support
  • Discord support!
  • ECM High Speed & Availability
  • Phone support
  • * ECM (Entitlement Control Message)
  • Demo Video below. ↓
Dedicated Plan
dedicated planfor private projects
393.79$ +110.03$/month 393.79$ +110.03$/month
  • >root "admin" acess(SSH,SFTP & Webmin)
  • 1 Gb/s Upload/Down Speed,Unlimited bandwidth
  • Webmin and LAMP Included
  • Lines Included from ALD servers
  • Faalsoft (Not Branding removal included!)
  • Faalsoft Automatized(Auto Close Line/ Send E-mail Reminder/ Backup/...)
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Phone/Fb-Messenger/Ticket/Discord*New* support
  • Webmin Panel ALD Style (Can be purchased!)
  • Faalsoft Purple Style (Can be purchased!)
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Alliance Digital, have a total safe server hosted in the most secure datacenter located in seychelles. On the same way, we provide a total security and anonimity for our clients,resellers & partners.

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Address:Alliance Digital @ Moscow, Russia

00213 123-45-67-89

email [email protected] | Abuse Complaint's [email protected]


Address:Alliance Digital @ Seychelles, Victoria Mahé, Victoria House 306

00213 123-45-67-89

E-mail: [email protected] | Abuse Complaint's [email protected]

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