Bom dia caros Clientes, vos informo que o serviço (Plex | Content on Demand) na qual está em parceria com a Black Dragon está em faze de testes qualquer dos nossos clientes actuais pode pedir um acesso (Stock limitiado a 15 Contas

Pedimos que os clientes tenham os seguintes pré-requesitos:

- Conta Plex (É gratuito para qualquer dispossitivo que está listado abaixo) 
- Aceitar o convite no E-mail ou na conta plex via o Navegador Web.
- Ter um serviço nosso (Cccamd, Revenda, Servidor Dedicado de CS,....) 


Lista de dispositivos funcionais on a app Plex é gratuita (Lista em Inglês):


System software:

  • webOS 3.0
  • webOS 3.5
  • webOS 4.0

No 720p or 1080p (“full HD”) sets are supported for our current app at this time.


(United States and Europe) System software:

  • VIDAA U4


only in the European market.

  • JZW2004 (OLED) (2021)
  • HZW1504 (OLED) (2020)
  • GXW804 (2019)
  • FXW754 (2018)
  • EXW604 (2017)
  • FSW504 (2018)
  • ESW504 (2017)


available on 2016 and newer model year Samsung sets that are Tizen-based. The exception is for users located in China or Iran; the app is not currently available for users in those countries.


Our Plex app is available on “SmartCast” VIZIO model televisions.

Other TV Platforms

Android TV

Official “Android TV” devices can run our regular Android app, which is available in the Google Play Store.


Plex is available on Chromecast devices, both separate and those built into TV sets.

Fire TV (Amazon)

Fire TV devices can run our standard Android app, available from the Amazon Appstore.

Roku TV

Our standard Plex app (channel) is available for Roku TV devices from their Roku Channel Store.

No Longer Supported TVs

While we previously offered apps for the following smart TV platforms and models, they are no longer actively supported. An older version of our app may still be available on the devices, but the old app will not be receiving updates, may not be compatible with newer features or server releases, and could stop being functional in the future.

Tip!: Since these platforms and models are no longer supported, we encourage users to instead make use of a modern Plex app on a supported platform. For instance, we have Plex apps available on Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, game consoles, etc.


  • NetCast (2013 models)
  • webOS Lite
  • webOS 1.0
  • webOS 2.0


All TVs based on the Opera operating system. This includes Sony sets that used to have a “Vewd” app store.


2014 and newer Panasonic sets (including those running Firefox OS).


Series 4 and newer TiVo devices.


Smart TV Alliance-compatible Toshiba television models.


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